Ashley offers a comprehensive training program for horse and rider at Galloping Springs Ranch. Managed by Jennifer Jarvis (, horses receive the greatest personalized care. We feed locally milled grain as our base feed to ensure quality control. Horses with additional dietary needs may be on a different grain. Supplements are the responsibility of the owner. Premium coastal and alfalfa are offered. Horses are provided ample turnout. 


Dressage Training

Full Training

Five sessions per week.  Includes grooming, clipping,  and tack cleaning after each use. 

Part time training/Starting under saddle

Three sessions per week. Includes grooming, clipping. Equipment is cleaned twice per week. 



Individual 45 minute lessons only. $60 per lesson at Galloping Springs. Offsite lessons are available, price varies with distance from Dripping Springs. 


Exercise Rides

Available for horses of any discipline $45 per ride. Does not include extra grooming or tack cleaning.


Additional Services

Trailer training $25 per session

Trailering - price subject to distance

Body clipping $115

Sales videos $40




Meet the lesson horses

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