ADU Blue Hair Special 3/16-3/17

Jennifer Jarvis and Ursa Major FD 

     2nd place PSG open 61% and 63%, Reserve High Point FEI on Sunday

Cassie Argento- Bird

    1st place Training Level 1 and 3 Junior on Fleur Delacour, scores to 68%, 

     1st place Third Level 1 on Sparkle Valentine, 62% and 64 %, Reserve third level HP






Dressage at Cedar Creek 12/29

    First Place Ursa Major FD Intermediare 1, 60%

Ashley completed Part 1 of the USDF L Program


2018 Year End Awards

Ashley and Amity

    Fourth Place, American Warmblood Society Training Level Open

    Reserve Champion, American Warmblood Society First Level Open

Ashley and Ivor Slottie FD

    Fifth Place USDF Training Level Horse of the Year

    Third Place KWPN NA Training Level 

Ashley and Allure

     Champion CTDS Training Level Open, recognized shows

Cassie and Sparkle Valentine

     Reserve Champion Half Welsh Pony, Second Level

      CTDS Champion First Level freestyle, Junior

      CTDS Champion Second Level, Junior

Region 9 Championships

Third Place, SWDC Intro AA Championship, Carrie Welty and Graphic Design

GSWEC Platinum Classic

    Carrie Williams, Graphic Design High Point Adult Amateur, 73.6%

    Ashley Shaw, Ivor Slottie FD Reserve Champion High Point Open, 75%

Janet Foy, Proud Meadows

HDS Laborious Day Show

   Ashley Shaw, Ivor Slottie FD, Reserve Champion Open 78%

   Jen gets her fourth level scores for her silver!

Jeremy Steinberg, Retama

Dressage and Jumpers in the Hill Country, DSRP

   Champion Adult Amateur, Carrie Williams, Graphic Design

   Reserve Champion Adult, Elizabeth Ledwik, Arianna

   Shelby and Bugatti's first show! Cassie's third level debut with a 64%!

Janet Foy, Proud Meadows

Haras Summer Show

   Cassie and Sparkle Valentine scores to 65% Second Level

   Ashley and Ivor Slottie FD, High Point Open, 76%

   Ashley and Amity third place T-3, 74%

Jeremy Steinberg, Retama

Blue Hair Special

   High Point Training Level Open, Saturday, Amity 71.5%

   High Point Training Level Open, Sunday, Allure 73.5%

   First Place, Beatrix OPL Second Level Freestyle

Clinic with Carly Taylor Smith, Silver Hill Stables



2017 Year End Awards:

Ashley & Beatrix 

    CTDS Second Level Open Champion/Recognized shows

 Cassie and Sacha

    1st Place DSRP Summer Series Combined, Jumpers, and Dressage!

    1st Place USDF All Breeds Award for Welsh Pony Cross Society of America

    CTDS Champion First Level Junior/ Recognized shows

    CTDS Champion First Level Freestyle Junior/Recognized shows

Cassie and Beatrix

   3rd Place DSRP Summer Series Combined, Jumpers, and Dressage!

11/17 Charlotte Dujardin Symposium

10/21 Bluebonnet Equine Training Challenge- Promise has a new home!


10/5- 10/8 Region 9 Championships

 Beatrix OPL & Ashley Shaw

    USDF Second Level Championships 62.9%

    SWDC Second Level Championships 62.3 %

     Third Place Second 3 Open 62.9%

     First Place Second Level Freestyle 64.25% & 66.333%

 Sparkle Valentine & Cassie

     SWDC First Level Championship 67.206%

     USDF First Level Freestyle Championship Fifth Place 69.45%

    SWDC First Level Freestyle Championship Eighth Place 66.417%

Amity & Cassie 

     SWDC Training Level Championship 62.159%


9/1- 9/3 Lendon Gray D4K clinic


9/9 - 9/10 ADA Ride for a Cure

     Sparkle Valentine & Cassie

      1-3 66.618% 3rd place

      Champion First Level 

     Amity & Cassie

      T-3 60%, 64%, 65%, 66%

     Beatrix OPL & Ashley Shaw

     2-3 65.366% 1st place

8/12 & 8/13 DSRP Jumping and Dressage


CTDS Free member clinic given by Ashley at Silver Hill Stables 6/24

6/17-6/18 ADU Blue Hair Special 

Cassie and Sparkle Valentine

    2nd First Level Freestyle 69.5%

    1st Place 1-3, 64% and 66%

    Rider of the Future Award

Ashley and Beatrix OPL

     First place 2-3, 65% both days

    First place 2-1, 64% and 68%

     2nd level Champion both days

DSRP  jumping and dressage show 6/10 and 6/11

 Cassie and Beatrix OPL

   2nd place 2' power and speed

   1st place 2'3" time first

   3rd t-3 63%

   2nd 1-1 65%

Cassie and Sparkle Valentine

   1st 1-1 65%

    1st 1-3 64%

Emma and Mystic Spark

   1st Intro B and C 66% in both

    Champion Junior Classical Dressage  

DSRP Dressage show 5/20 - 5/21

 Beatrix OPL - Cassie 

      Reserve Champion of the Series

     Reserve point Classical Dressage Saturday

    First place, T-1 and T-3, 70% & 71% (Sat), 68% and 70% (Sunday)

 Sparkle Valentine - Cassie

      1st place 1-1 72%, 1-3 71% Saturday 

      2nd place 1-1 Sunday 63%

     1st place 1-3 Sunday 66%

  Mystic Spark - Emma

    High point of the Series

    Reserve High Point Classical Dressage Sunday

 Master and Commander - Brianne   

    2nd Place, 63% 1-1


Carly Taylor - Smith 5/13 and 5/14


CTDS Bluebonnet 4/8

Beatrix OPL 

       2nd place 1-3 67.5% 1st place 2-1 64.3 %

Cassie and Sparkle Valentine 

       1st place 1-3 pony and JR, 67.5% in both!


Joan Darnell Ride a Test 3/11

Alfredo Hernandez February 3 & 4

HDS Winter Show I and II

Beatrix OPL

       1st place 2-1 Open each day, 66% and 63%


      2nd Place 1-1 Open, 68.8%

Cassie and Sparkle Valentine

      1st place 61% 1-1 Junior at her first recognized show

        5th Place Pony Championship sponsored by Solstice Farm

Bert Rutten at Fair Oaks Farm January 6 and 7 


 2016 Year End Awards

 Ashley Shaw & Beatrix OPL CTDS Champion First Level Open Recognized shows

 Jennifer Jarvis & Beatrix OPL HDS Reserve Champion First Level Open Recognized shows

Robert Dover at Dancing Oaks, November 5 & 6



1st First Level Test 1 Open, 68.148%

4th Training Level Test 3 Open, 72.273%

15th GAIG T- 3 Open, 67.273% (out of 23)

Beatrix OPL

GAIG First Level Open Championship 64.926%

SWDC First Level Open Championship 62.941%


Lars Petersen Clinic at Brookstone Farm, September 30

 Laborious Day Show I & II

       7th place Training 3 Open, Esteban, 69%

       12th place Training 3 Open, Esteban, 66 %

        1st  place Training 1  Junior, Perplexity 64%

CTDS Fall Finale

        Galvin Insurance High Point Champion, Beatrix OPL

         First Level Champion, Beatrix OPL

         1st Place First 3 Open, Beatrix OPL, 72%

DSRP Summer Series II

       1st place Training 3 Open, Beatrix OPL, 66%

        2nd place First 1 Open, Beatrix OPL, 64 %

ADU Blue Hair Special

        4th place First 3 Open, Beatrix OPL, 66%

HDS Summer Show

      1st place Training 3 Open, Esteban, 69%

      5th place Training 3 Open, Esteban 65%

Lars Petersen Clinic at Dancing Oaks April 16 & 17, see YouTube for video

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